Encyclopedia Confederica: The Shetu

Logic. Order. Reason. Photo by Flavio Takemoto via stock.xchng

The Shetu (Sheh-too)

The Shetu are known throughout the galaxy for their domination in all fields of science. Often perceived as cold, aloof, and uncaring by others, they shun the open display of all emotions and deny the existence of strong emotions such as anger, hatred, jealousy, and passionate love. They are intensely loyal and a great asset to the Confederacy.

Physical Description: Willowy hominids easily distinguished from humans by their pointed ears, angular features, triangular foreheads, and green, magnesium-based blood. Average adult height of 6’ 2” is reached around age 25. Average lifespan is 160 years, age of adulthood is 30, and average age of marriage is 50.

Unique Traits: Limited telepaths (primarily touch-telepaths) who have refined their abilities much the same way they refined their sciences. Children are taught from a very young age how to control their telepathy; the mental arts are required curriculum in secondary school. The most adept are allowed to continue their studies at AcMA: the Academy of the Mental Arts. They become mental arts masters, most often so they can teach the younger generations.

Language: Shetu is very guttural and often harsh-sounding. Humans (and most other races) have a very hard time pronouncing certain words and most names. As such, most Shetu go by only their last names amongst humans as their first names are much longer and harder to pronounce.

Homeworld: Xymaluth (sy-Mi-louth) is as diverse as Earth. It has three large continents connected by a series of isthmuses, both natural and artificial, and surrounded by millions of islands, most of which are habited.

Social System: Urban and suburban based. Although there are a myriad of rural areas, most are managed remotely and tended robotically. Farmers and ranchers generally live in a suburban area and commute to their farm or ranch. They are pacifists, letting logic and reason dictate their actions in order to achieve order.

Government: A republic containing three branches. The legislative branch consists of the upper and lower house. The executive branch consists of the Prime Minister and the Council, his elected cabinet. The judicial branch is appointed by the legislative branch and approved by the Prime Minister. Elections are held yearly for the legislative branch and bi-yearly for the Prime Minister.

Technology: They embrace technology and are constantly refining it to perfection in both efficiency and efficacy. They are credited with perfecting current faster than light travel used in all intersystem travel.

Religion: They shun religion, saying it is a crutch for the weak-minded. Other races claim they use the mental arts as a religion as they tout “logic as my mistress and reason as my guide” in several mantras. The name Xymaluth literally means “the child of logic and reason”.

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